We're a young team of creatives, designers, developers and engineers passionate about health, education, technology and, of course, children.


Co-founder and CEO

"Since the beginning of the idea I have been able to enjoy working on what I love, having formed a great team and a product capable of facilitating oral hygiene and improving the quality of life of children, when I see them smiling when using MOUTI it is simply magical".


Lead in Development and 

Design of products

"Collaboration is the fundamental tool with which we design our products in MOUTI The different opinions of our friends,  their families and specialists allow us to always discover new ideas and improvements."


International PR director

"MOUTI has been created to overcome all limits, it is inclusive and it is designed to break down any barrier, even the territorial one, We want to take our product to the whole world so that all the children of the world can create healthy habits throughout their lives.


Co-founder and CFO

"At MOUTI, we care about uniting each of our different disciplinary areas and abilities to achieve common goals, with amazing results, I love being part of this team and learning from each one, every day."


Lead in interaction design and user experience 

"I love being part of the Mouti team, here we learn everything, when we design, I can contribute by identifying the needs of our children and proposing better experiences for them and their families."


Creative and communications director


"The smiles of the children are captivating, that's why working as a team to get younger children to have healthy teeth and smiles is a great privilege"

Our work is collaborative

Our team has researched for years, we have done tests with children and parents and we have created more than 50 prototypes. We received collaborations from specialists in the area of ​​oral health, design and business.

Together we have co-created the best educational toothbrush!

Partners and Friends

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