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"Meet the elements that create the experience"

The family of Mouti products, is made up of 3 elements, the toothbrush, the pictograms and the application for parents.

Interactive toothbrush, with colored lights timed.With unique design that helps the correct use. Interchangeable heads, ultra hygienic material, amusingly soft and chewy shockproof and waterproof.Easy charge, thanks to internal battery.

The adhesive pictograms, with fun characters, help children associate them with the colored lights of the toothbrush, and imitate the areas that should be washed properly.
You can stick them on any surface.

With the app for parents, it will be much easier to know if your child is doing things right, can have real and daily information of progress in their learning process and, above all, can congratulate them for their achievements with fun rewards.


The toothbrush 

Amusingly soft , chewproof and shockproof!

...especially for children!

Features and Benefits

Our product has unique features that make it truly amazing, 100% thought children





Colorful and funny design

Your children can choose between these 4 different colors for the design of their MOUTI.

We use adhesive pictograms as visual elements that are complemented with brush lights. 

Adhesive pictograms

step 1
 Blue light 
Front of the teeth
step 2
 Red light 
Back of the teeth
step 3
 Green light 
step 4
 Yellow light 

These pictograms are made of waterproof and ultra-adhesive material, so you can place them in the bathroom without problem! this can reinforce the learning of your children in the hour of the daily brushing.

They work as a stimulus for your senses, especially in children with problems of concentration, cognitive disability, ASD,  among others.

Why the association of pictograms with colors and lights, is so efficient to create habits?

Parents app  


Now, you can know exactly if your child is brushing his teeth well!

The Mouti app works in conjunction with the smart toothbrush, The goal of the application is to help parents and children adopt and learn habits for proper tooth washing, and over time generate habits in the family routine.

With the MOUTI APP we connect the daily brushing of your children at home, with oral health profesionals.

Dental hygienist
Data transmission
Share information
Storage of data in the cloud


Brushing progress
Parental Control
Sending data
Tips / Education
Parent community

Our app is intended to be used by parents or caregivers and is not necessary for children to use during daily brushing.

Within the app for parents there is an

educational section for children, which can enter at any time of the day to learn more about oral care, review their achievements and rewards for the good work they have done.


Positive reinforcement

Educational Videos


The dentists will receive information from their small patients and will see the monthly progress, which will provide real information about the oral health status of the children.

In this way, they can have medical records and can congratulate them for their achievements in each control with them.

We know the importance of the children's dental health professionals

and the effort they make every day, to improve the quality of life of today and the future of children.That is why we are creating a community of MOUTI professionals for those who love dental education from an early age.

Would you like to be part of a change agent for the dental health of the world's children?


¡Gracias por acordarte de nosotros!

​En estos difíciles momentos de Covid-19, seguimos trabajando y creando.

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