The new educational

toothbrush for kids

What is Mouti?


"Easy brushing, better smiles"

Mouti is the toothbrush for kids that turns daily brushing into a unique educational experience.

With MOUTI your children will learn how to efficiently brush every part of their mouth for the time recommended by experts.

The toothbrush 

It´s been especially designed for kids, with a soft texture and antibacterial materials. It has a system of colored lights that light up its body, guiding the children to brush each part of ​​their mouth at the right time.
Mouti works manually, it has a rechargable battery and interchangeable heads.

Adhesive pictograms  

These fun little friends complement MOUTI´S 

educational system, through its association

with the colored lights of the toothbrush.

Stick them on the mirror in your bathroom so your

kids won´t  forget to wash any area of the mouth.

Each Pictogram represent an area of ​​the mouth.



  Front             Back            Molars            Tongue

Parents App 

The parents app can be synchronized with the toothbrush so you can keep a record of your kids brushing and even share that information with the dentist. It´s not necessary to sync it every time your kid use Mouti.

"The new educational experience of oral hygiene for children"

How does Mouti works?

with colours!

MOUTI teaches your child to associate colours with each part of the mouth making it easy to form healthy teeth brushing habits.





Know our educational system and its 4 steps of learning to form teeth brushing habits

Who is it for?

An experience for the whole family!

  Children will...   

With Mouti children will learn the correct way to brush their teeth, know each area of ​​their mouth, and the time they should brush each one of them.

Have fun

Children have fun when they see the colored lights. They won't notice the two minutes of brushing while being guided by the pictograms associating colors with each part of the mouth.

Form habits

Once the children repeat the daily routine with our educational model, they will be able to learn the correct habit of daily brushing and they'll maintain it throughout their lives.

Smile healthily

It is proven that proper  and daily oral hygiene habits can prevent cavities and associated diseases by a  100%

We work hard to improve our products, and to make a real contribution, to the oral health of thousands of children all over the world, while making parenting a bit easier.


¡Gracias por acordarte de nosotros!

​En estos difíciles momentos de Covid-19, seguimos trabajando y creando.

No te preocupes, ¡Volveremos pronto!



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