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MOUTI'S innovative system

really works It's fun , friendly and educational.

  our educational system 

"Our educational system backed by years of research"

MOUTI is the new educational toothbrush for kids. Our educational system is what makes it so special.

Because of our original educational system, MOUTI turns daily brushing into a unique educational experience.

MOUTI uses colored lights to teach your child to associate colors with each part of the mouth, making it fun and easy for them to learn how to brush their teeth and to form healthy teeth brushing habits. With MOUTI your children will learn how to brush every part of their mouth for a certain time, completing a total of 2 minutes, the time recommended by experts. Moreover, its educational system offers a safe and more efficient alternative for kids with special needs.

The 4 steps

With our educational model it is so easy to achieve 2 minutes of brushing, you only need: our toothbrush with the 4 colored lights, 4 pictograms with our characters, and lots, lots of fun.

Validated with our users

Studies conducted by experts from around the world, dentists, child psychologists and educators confirm the importance of parental support to create oral hygiene habits at an early age in children, so that they last throughout life.


We have done internal tests with more than 80 children of different ages, nationalities, and children with special cognitive needs, obtaining excellent results with everyone!

Our specialists and parents approve!

They have already known and tested our educational system! What are you waiting for?

Daniel Carreño


Catherine Chadwick

Mom and Blogger